Vancouver QuickSilver Show Down

February 20, 2008

Yeah an event full of people that are passionate about the same thing!

So since there is not that many events in and around Vancouver except for up in Whistler I decided that I am going to go up to Grouse Mountain and get the inside story on what really goes on on this “events”. Like so many events the spectators think every thing goes great and nothing is wrong. In most situations that is true but we all know bindings need adjustments ,some one forgot their lucky hat, or their 12 pack of energy drinks are long gone before they are up for their session. It may be a tad hard but I think I’ll be able to find out some things that we really don’t know about what goes on at these events. I have never been to a smaller event and have only lived in Vancouver for one year now so I am really excited as to what I will experience and how the atmosphere is different from larger events. There is going to be some guest speakers and since this is the industry I would like to be in I am looking forward to hearing from some experienced people and what they have to say. If I can find any inside tricks to preparing for sessions or any rituals that boarders use, or anything new about gear that is coming up, I will try to be the first person that can report those things to you. So wish me good luck! and stop by maybe we’ll bump into one another.

So on March 28 & 29 I will be going to enjoy the snow on Grouse Mountain, the great Atmosphere and people watch some air being taken by some very talented people. I encourage everyone to come out either to show off their stuff or do get have some great fun and mingle with boarders!