Northern Voice 2008

February 20, 2008

I have had the opportunity this year from one of my teachers Kris Krug to attend the Northern Voice Conference in part with my E-Commerce and On-line Security class. I have never really been all that tech-savy until going through this year at school and have fallen in love with the ever growing possibility of new technology. I must admit it really is addictive once you get into it but the ideas that are generated through out the cyber world is amazing. There is so much to learn from one another and meet people that have the same interests as you and its much more easier then before!

I have looked over their website and have made some predictions of my own in the holds of gaining more information and becoming more involved within this world I still know little about. After looking at the schedule the first thing I saw was the Sports Blogging and Pod Casting. Which I am very excited about because that is the Industry I want to have a career in. I have heard about the speaker Rebecca Bollwitt from many people and with not a lot of women on the panel, I am quite excited!I think another session with Dave Olson will be interesting F*** Stats,Make Art which seems like my sort of thing and will be a good discussion. Blogging and Social Media is a must with Matt Mullenweg that I have heard so much about so I am ready to see what it’s all about. And my final selection which is not to say the other sessions are not just as important is The Other Side of Two Dimensions with Kris Krug and and Alex WaterHouse-HayWard. It goes around another passion of mine, fashion that I think would be beneficial for me and have a better understanding of a main aspect which is photography. I might just stay all day to check every thing out but I am excited and can’t wait to experience what Northern Voice as to offer me and what I can learn to tell others.

Check out the website for further information and if there is something you may be interested in!