Lindsay-Marilyn What?

February 19, 2008

So today I was checking my email and what came up but an article on Lindsay Lohan and how she had just completed a photo shoot for New York Magazine in a blonde short wig and almost nothing covering here. This was the last photo shoot that another starlet decades ago did before she died. Bert Stern was the same photographer that took the same shots of Marilyn For Vogue six weeks before she was found dead. The Vogue magazine featuredMarilyn Monroe in next to nothing, posing nude with some scarves and jewelry as her accessories and sipping champagne. Lindsay was much less the same except she just had cloth to cover her. Stern said that she was very professional and mature and unlike the few years that she has been going down that there was no alcohol at the photo shoot and that she was very natural in the position.

I find it interesting that some one would even compare Lindsay Lohan to Marilyn Monroe first of all Marilyn was not a young adult who ran around with so much money they didn’t know how to deal with it, she was a woman who had respect from everyone in her industry. She was professional and was adored. I do agree with Lindsay on saying that “examples of Marilyn and the recent death of Health Ledger are both prime examples of what this industry can do to someone.” That is probably the smartest thing I’ve heard her say for a long time and congratulate her on that statement! That’s a positive thing to say to the young women of the world. Thank you. I found it interesting that the photographer tends to believe that the attention and celebritie aspect of the young new Hollywood is amazing and is governed by their behavior. OMG! really wow I just thought Lindsay.Paris,and Britney were just having fun!Isn’t that what girls wanna do ,they just wanna have fun! Jokes aside it is interesting to see how these young woman do act under the spotlight that is Holly Wood and the Paparazzi. The thing is that with other young woman like Hayden Pannetiere and Mandy Moore I wonder if it’s really that hard of a choice to make .Make a difference in the world or waste my life away I don’t know I guess its up to them.

(This is just a blog I don’t necessarily think the worst of these people its just a thought I respect all these people in different elements). Thank you. 🙂