What were they thinking?

February 6, 2008

I have recently just read an article about fashion Week in New York and I always found it fascinating to find out who decides what is hot and what is not. One of the hottest things happening was the Joie/Serge Azria party that everyone seemed to love and for good reason in my opinion. But that is only because I think most of it is gorgeous…

I have to give props to the numerous models that do go out and have to wear certain pieces of clothing that aren’t exactly flattering but come to think of it I am sure they are used to that and give the clothing a certain zest of life.

Some top notch pop stars were there as well which included Rihanna and Fergie. Rihanna decided to make a statement with slouchy boots and a Azria jacket which for being one of the most beautiful women in the world wondered to myself why she wouldn’t use that to her benefit and maybe top it off with a nice v-neck style black or red dress. But then again it must be hard to be beautiful all the time. Fergie decided to go with more of almost a Pulp Fiction look all dressed in black and wearing dark Cartier Shades would still looked interesting and sulty. Fergie is one of those women that know how to work the clothing!

Now Chloe Soveigny yes has been around forever and yes some of her fashion styles are good but it’s like everytime I see her it’s just not in the best look or style and I wonder who dresses her. In New York she wore socks and open boots if there is a word for this type of shoes and an almost like baby doll shirt with what looked like a small petty coat. She really is good looking in that next door kind of way and she should show it off more.

Another thing I noticed was the extend of tights! everywhere in different colors!, maybe when they said that 80’s were coming back they weren’t so off base. So many colors and everything being so tight for some reason it also makes me think of David Bowie. But then again why wouldn’t I his one of the most brilliant fashion men in a decade.

There was one celebrity that I actually liked and could not think of anything negative to say.(Again in my opinion). That award goes to Ally Hilfiger who is never boastful and seems to make sense when she decides to wear something is all I can ask for and if I ever had a line would love to work with someone like her who knows the business and well as has the fashion sense every designer wants and needs.

I am pretty sure there will be more to come on fashion week and more debate on who wore what? and what looked bad but in the end if they are comfortable in the clothing a designer’s job is complete!

By they way I love Chloe Soviegny she makes anyone smile and I have the up most respect for everyone in New York at the Fashion Show. Check it out if you want:)


Side note: Vancouver fashion photographer Kris Krug is super jealous and wishes he was there….