Vancouver Extreme Sports: Surfing

February 13, 2008

This is the only water sport that I have included on my list and I choose this one quite simply because it not only takes your mind to be able to anticipate waves but also gets into your body into a system that allows you to know when the big push of water is ready to let you coast on it. So many people enjoy this sport and continue to bare the cold, the wet suits, and the thrill of getting on something so much bigger then any of us and then see it fall all at the same time. It’s a intoxicating feeling that puts that huge smile on your face and everything for that one wave is all right. The nice thing about Surfing is that it is dependent on water and since each and every country is pretty much surrounded by it all people can enjoy it. There are many companies within the last 10 years that have noticed how popular this sport is and have integrated them into their values. Many of them have events that they sponsor and are respected for because they involve communities and reach some of the best surfers before they hit their prime. Surfing brings out a certain vibe and lifestyle where no body is better then any one and everyone is just there to have a good time and enough the waves. The reddish yellow sunset the hot sand and the oceans of water at your feet, come on like that just don’t sound amazing!


Since the beginning of Surfing many people have helped to nurture and grow this sport. There were many influential men as well as women who continued to push for the growing sport and allow the world to not just see it as a “pass-time”. With Surfers around the globe young and old still having that passion and enjoys seeing others excel is what keeps the love for this sport alive! Below is a link to an article I found it’s about the top surfers in the world with little categories that are fun and if you are a beginner to the sport I recommend checking it out! It has some of the old favorites and some of the new innovators to get the world in love more with this sport.

I have always found it fascinating how the pictures of all these surfers were being shot. I mean some of them are so amazing and exceptional that I wonder…who does them? are these people professionals as well? What do we know about these people? well simply nothing until now. I found these amazing article on the people BEHIND the LENS of the great photography out there go check it out!

Most of the Surfing in British Colombia in done on Vancouver Island. The best place my many people would be the Tofino-Ucluelet Area. Late August to November are the best times to go but I had people I know go after that and with a wet suit and booties you would be fine in December depending on the temperature and how daring you are! Most of the activities are on the Island and have camps and classes for something just beginning or someone who’s ready to hit those waves hard.

I found another cool site in Tofino that is geared towards female surfing.Check it out if you want!

Not a lot right now is happening in the local surf world as it is winter in Vancouver and it is too cold. So lets cross our fingers so that summer comes real soon and dream of massive feet of waves, laid back company, and paddling out to see the sun!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my three parts series. I would love to hear any feed back from anyone around the world or even local as to what is going on in your region with this sports. I love them you love them why not just all love them together.

Until next time.



Vancouver Extreme Sports:Motor Cross

February 12, 2008

Motor Cross is one of the longest extreme sports that has been around for centuries in Europe. It has only become popular in North America within the past 10 years and continues to get the attention of consumers with it’s hard sound and the amount of air one gains will pulling off tricks most people do not dare to dream. When you get into a arena there such a adrenaline of excitement from the fans and the bikers that for that hour or what ever period of time your in that world everyone is happy.

These events consist mainly of dirt, tons of energy drinks, and tons of enthusiast people in the building! There are many events in the States for this exceptional past time and some events get broadcast on television networks. I can usually see a good few hours on a Sunday morning on the Clear Channel or the Speed Channel. I rarely see any on during the week and that is mainly because all the ” prime time ” is on so we unfortunately have to wait a whole week.

This sport has many advertising and sponsorship dollars being spent at these events and it’s mainly because of the massive amount of consumers they reach at once. I believe that it will only continue to become bigger and people will demand more of this sport. I remember the first time I ever tried Motor Cross; now I am not the type of girl to freak out but when you are in the air and have no where to go that’s when you realize you got nothing except for you and that bike! It’s both amazing and scary at the same time but still empowering.

Everyone at least once in their lives should try it, you never know you may just love it!

I found a lot of interesting sites that are worth checking out they don’t happen to be locally based but do give you a lot of information to at least keep you in the know of what is going on.Check them out if you want.

I found the Canadian Motor Sport Racing Club as I was browsing.Which has a lot of information on each region of Canada, unfortunately there is nothing in Vancouver or North Vancouver everything seems to be out of the major cities and have not a lot going on during the winter I am afraid. 😦

I found a really interesting article about the first ever fuel injected Motor Cross Bike. Check it out if you want!

This is a clip on Motor-Cross which is a sport that I love and hope one day to do alot more of! It’s great to see clips like this in which the person that is in the video is just as enthusiast and passionate about a sport as much as the people watching it! I love it and I am sure many others do as well.Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this article on the wonderful world of Bikes, dirt, and tricks! I am up next with the sweet blue sky of a killer wave…..

Vancouver Extreme Sports: SnowBoarding

February 9, 2008

Snow Boarding is one of those life long affairs. Where no matter what age you begin at it’s exciting and gets your adrenaline pumping.It pushes you to use your upper body to limits that you thought weren’t possible. Having the crisp clean air and the miles and miles of untouchable snow is complete for any enthusiast boarder that just wants to make new moves and become better at the sport.

After looking through various blogs I found one that was interesting and thought would interest many other boarders out there. I was very impressed with a few blogs that I found that included companies like Quick Silver that are in the middle of doing an “Eco-Friendly” line to jump on board with the environmental phrase that has hit the world. It makes complete sense since to snowboard we rely on so much of the earth’s natural features to enjoy the times we have. They will contribute by designing a new line where the materials are earth friendly and be used with recyclable materials but they will still have that aspect of quality that their customers are used too. There is not a lot of information out there but I did find some of the materials they will be using.

  • Biodegradable TPU Laminate
  • Nanosphere Finish
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Non-Toxic Dyes
  • Recycled PET
  • just to name a few

I also found an article from the Environmental News Net Work that is an interesting read.

There are some events happening on the North Shore on Grouse Mountain. They have a bunch of events on their website that seem really fun and bring together boarders with the same interests. Check them out if you are interested.

Also as we all know the Telus Ski and Snow Board Festival is coming up. Everyone there always has a good time and is open to boarders who wish to show off their stuff. It is not until April but getting ready for a great event like this does take planning. Enjoy!

The link is accurate I just don’t know why it says 2007.Cheers.

There is a picture of one of the craziest extreme boarders I have seen to date. Travis Rice who continues to push snow boarding to new elements all the time. Plus it don’t help that he has a cute smile. Enjoy.


Three Part Series- Passion is a Global Affair

February 6, 2008

For the next week I will be writing about three extreme sports that I enjoy doing and that I think are becoming more and more popular among our population and have made a massive shift in control in where new media dollars are being spent. The topics will be Snow Boarding, Motor Cross and Surfing. I am writing about these topics because I hope one day to work for X-Games which is my dream! I am completely and utterly in love with the atmosphere and the passion of everyone there, so for me this is just my beginning. My intentions are to bring together all people where ever you may be to talk about the passion and love these sports bring to us. Even the thought of the adreline you get from thinking about it drives me crazy and I know I am not the only one that feels this strong about them. I will have some locally based information that I will try to gain and find for the people in and around Vancouver as well as looking forward to hearing from others around the globe. As well with each specific sport post I will include an event that is taking place in and around Vancouver where all people with this love can unite and become bigger and better!

The clean air and numerous feet of powder of snowboarding is up first.


Being known for the first ever “kick-flip” on a surf board NOW thats what you would call a perfect life!

January 16, 2008

Volcom started a campaign in November of 2007 that has surfers all over the globe pushing themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to be that first person that will go down in history as the man or woman that did the first ever”kick-flip” on a surfboard. The reward is a roaring 10k with the possibilities of going proffessional or just be able to hit the waves everyday without having to worry about a thing. Now with an opportunity like that who in the world would not want to excel and push themselves in this seemingly perfect win win situation. The day that this person is found will be a great one perhaps not as important as the beginning or ending of a war but in the sports world will defiantely be having a party and giving hats off to how far this sport has come!

controlling women

January 9, 2008

Last night I was quietly enjoying some stress free time to myself until my room mate was telling me about one of our mutual friends. This mutual friend is in her 40s and has never found someone that can “complete her”. She has meet this amazing guy that will do anything for her but still feels as if she needs to wear the pants in their relationship. You do not need to be controlling or manipulative to keep a man in your life. If the man actually likes and wants to pursue a relationship with you he will stick around! Having the feeling of being controlling are insecurities in the women’s part because they feel if they are not in control then they will be alone for the rest of their lives. Having talked to numerous numbers of both sexs they both agree that taking that aspect away from men makes them feel insecure and they cant provide for women(which is something they have been taught to do since the beginning of time). Times are changing where women don’t need men to provide a good life but we still need the other sex for the life long companionship of marriage. So lets stop determining who’s in control live life and have fun with that special someone!

This is a clip on Motor-Cross which is a sport that I love and hope one day to do alot more of! It’s great to see clips like this in which the person that is in the video is just as enthusiast and passionate about a sport as much as the people watching it! I love it and I am sure many others do as well.Enjoy.