Best and Worst of the Grammys 2008

After looking through many articles I decided to pick my very own best and worst dressed list of 2008. I will start with the ones that I thought were bad because next year hopefully they will be on the other side for me.Ill start with Rihanna now she is a gorgeous girl and what ever she wears she does pull off exceptionally,but the Zac Posen blue dress she choose it did not flatter her at all. I felt it was very much going back to the 80’s and to big for the petite singer.


I absolutely love Skakira but when I saw the red dress that she was wearing. I was immediately dissapointed and wondered to myself who dressed her. I don’ t think it was flattering and all and did not make her true beauty stand out by any means. This is the biggest night for music artists!You have to think big and flattering to the artist.


The best new artist nominee had Britian’s Imogen Heap had I am sure toped the worst dressed of the 2008 Grammys. They had a large nature theme ensemble complete with flowers,lily pads, and a a potter planet on their head!I am sure to her it had creative and meaningful purpose but if only that concept could of been put on fabric and had a proffesional turn the vision into something good and wearable to the grammys.


It is interesting to see how people dress when they want to do everything for themselves which is good but when it comes to being fresh in the industry it would be your in your best interest to get the professionals who make a living at it do it! Below that is what Brooke Hogan actually was done. The dress is a beautiful concept but it is not flattering and the middle section which if you watch the show knows she is very fit does not make her seem like that at all. Needs to be more fitted less fabric.


Beyonce is a woman that you defiantely look up too she has the looks, the voice, and the sense of style. I don’t believe this dress was the most flattering for her and she looked like a christmas present that was crying to get out. The color was good but with her drak skin I think another color could have been for flattering for her.


Now the fun part for me! Who I thought looked exceptional and gorgeous and really came as one with their dresses.My favorite one would have to be Christina Aguilera’s dress I mean she is gorgeous already but I believe that dress really suited her and became one with her. I loved how light it was but had definition in the points that wanted to stand out. Check it out!


My seond pick is Mary J.Blige who wore a metallic slim fitting dress by Micheal Kors. I thought it really suited her and was flattering for her age. She already looks exceptional for her age but the dress suited her maturity in the industry and felt almost like she could be approached anytime and be warm and open to anyone.


I really liked how newer Corrine Rae looked so naturally in her choices for the grammys and although they were simple they were very flattering and brought out the beauty in her facial features a lot more.


The third one is Carrie UnderWood it is really hard these days to get away from that name but I must admit who ever dresses her has a good role going on. She does have blonde hair and I think that really likes her to be able to pull off certain colours and certain prints. I thought this dress was gorgeous and really flattered her, I am glad she wore this one to the Grammys and not the Silver one I saw before.


And last but certainly not least Natalie Cole. She looked stunning in her floral print dress and looked so happy and full of life. Now I hope I am that good looking when I am over 50! I give her alot of credit one for dress and how she looked so proud in it!


Thats it for this year. Thanks for checking in! leave me a comment if you want..


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