Wacko about Jacko

I found myself watching a U.K. Documentary yesterday about Micheal Jackson. Now I found it really interesting that some one decided to tape the fans around the world during the time that he was being accused of touching an underage child.

It was really interesting to see the all the people that supported Micheal and his family through those hard times. I knew that he had a lot of support but I didn’t know to the extent in which people from across the globe would travel to be there. They would get off work or spend all their money to fly over to see or  even get a view of MJ. Many fans are very creative with their admiration for Micheal. One super fan had made a jacket a few years before this accusation and made one for the trail as well which he tried relentlessly to give it to Micheal through out the whole movie. Another one put on an event in which they brought together a gallery of Micheal Impersonators where each one would do a different set to one of Micheal’s songs. They were really good and the people liked the show very much. It was interesting to see people get so star-stuck and giddy around the impersonators that weren’t Micheal but carried themselves’s so well that you did believe they were.

Another interesting point is that on rare occasions Micheal would come out of Neverland and play out side with his children when those rare chances did come up many fans were not there and would be very dissapointed the next day that they missed out. Another time through out the movie fans were invited too speak to Micheal over the phone in which they went back and forth over who loved each other more with the conclusion of Micheal saying he loved everyone more then more. I thought that was interesting and it allowed people to see a softer side  of him and not just a pop star that keeps to himself. It allowed me to understand why fans are so loyal and  why they want to be around him whenever they can.

The reason for the Title is because through out the whole thing  after different segments they would ask the question Wacko about Jacko which I thought would be a good title and not necessarily a negative thing about how these people feel about him. I have the upmost respect for the fans for Micheal and his family and for the victims family. I decided to write about this because I thought it was different and that alot more then fans come from Micheal and what he does.


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