Vancouver Extreme Sports: Surfing

This is the only water sport that I have included on my list and I choose this one quite simply because it not only takes your mind to be able to anticipate waves but also gets into your body into a system that allows you to know when the big push of water is ready to let you coast on it. So many people enjoy this sport and continue to bare the cold, the wet suits, and the thrill of getting on something so much bigger then any of us and then see it fall all at the same time. It’s a intoxicating feeling that puts that huge smile on your face and everything for that one wave is all right. The nice thing about Surfing is that it is dependent on water and since each and every country is pretty much surrounded by it all people can enjoy it. There are many companies within the last 10 years that have noticed how popular this sport is and have integrated them into their values. Many of them have events that they sponsor and are respected for because they involve communities and reach some of the best surfers before they hit their prime. Surfing brings out a certain vibe and lifestyle where no body is better then any one and everyone is just there to have a good time and enough the waves. The reddish yellow sunset the hot sand and the oceans of water at your feet, come on like that just don’t sound amazing!


Since the beginning of Surfing many people have helped to nurture and grow this sport. There were many influential men as well as women who continued to push for the growing sport and allow the world to not just see it as a “pass-time”. With Surfers around the globe young and old still having that passion and enjoys seeing others excel is what keeps the love for this sport alive! Below is a link to an article I found it’s about the top surfers in the world with little categories that are fun and if you are a beginner to the sport I recommend checking it out! It has some of the old favorites and some of the new innovators to get the world in love more with this sport.

I have always found it fascinating how the pictures of all these surfers were being shot. I mean some of them are so amazing and exceptional that I wonder…who does them? are these people professionals as well? What do we know about these people? well simply nothing until now. I found these amazing article on the people BEHIND the LENS of the great photography out there go check it out!

Most of the Surfing in British Colombia in done on Vancouver Island. The best place my many people would be the Tofino-Ucluelet Area. Late August to November are the best times to go but I had people I know go after that and with a wet suit and booties you would be fine in December depending on the temperature and how daring you are! Most of the activities are on the Island and have camps and classes for something just beginning or someone who’s ready to hit those waves hard.

I found another cool site in Tofino that is geared towards female surfing.Check it out if you want!

Not a lot right now is happening in the local surf world as it is winter in Vancouver and it is too cold. So lets cross our fingers so that summer comes real soon and dream of massive feet of waves, laid back company, and paddling out to see the sun!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my three parts series. I would love to hear any feed back from anyone around the world or even local as to what is going on in your region with this sports. I love them you love them why not just all love them together.

Until next time.



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