Vancouver Extreme Sports:Motor Cross

Motor Cross is one of the longest extreme sports that has been around for centuries in Europe. It has only become popular in North America within the past 10 years and continues to get the attention of consumers with it’s hard sound and the amount of air one gains will pulling off tricks most people do not dare to dream. When you get into a arena there such a adrenaline of excitement from the fans and the bikers that for that hour or what ever period of time your in that world everyone is happy.

These events consist mainly of dirt, tons of energy drinks, and tons of enthusiast people in the building! There are many events in the States for this exceptional past time and some events get broadcast on television networks. I can usually see a good few hours on a Sunday morning on the Clear Channel or the Speed Channel. I rarely see any on during the week and that is mainly because all the ” prime time ” is on so we unfortunately have to wait a whole week.

This sport has many advertising and sponsorship dollars being spent at these events and it’s mainly because of the massive amount of consumers they reach at once. I believe that it will only continue to become bigger and people will demand more of this sport. I remember the first time I ever tried Motor Cross; now I am not the type of girl to freak out but when you are in the air and have no where to go that’s when you realize you got nothing except for you and that bike! It’s both amazing and scary at the same time but still empowering.

Everyone at least once in their lives should try it, you never know you may just love it!

I found a lot of interesting sites that are worth checking out they don’t happen to be locally based but do give you a lot of information to at least keep you in the know of what is going on.Check them out if you want.

I found the Canadian Motor Sport Racing Club as I was browsing.Which has a lot of information on each region of Canada, unfortunately there is nothing in Vancouver or North Vancouver everything seems to be out of the major cities and have not a lot going on during the winter I am afraid. 😦

I found a really interesting article about the first ever fuel injected Motor Cross Bike. Check it out if you want!

This is a clip on Motor-Cross which is a sport that I love and hope one day to do alot more of! It’s great to see clips like this in which the person that is in the video is just as enthusiast and passionate about a sport as much as the people watching it! I love it and I am sure many others do as well.Enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed this article on the wonderful world of Bikes, dirt, and tricks! I am up next with the sweet blue sky of a killer wave…..


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