Vancouver Extreme Sports: SnowBoarding

Snow Boarding is one of those life long affairs. Where no matter what age you begin at it’s exciting and gets your adrenaline pumping.It pushes you to use your upper body to limits that you thought weren’t possible. Having the crisp clean air and the miles and miles of untouchable snow is complete for any enthusiast boarder that just wants to make new moves and become better at the sport.

After looking through various blogs I found one that was interesting and thought would interest many other boarders out there. I was very impressed with a few blogs that I found that included companies like Quick Silver that are in the middle of doing an “Eco-Friendly” line to jump on board with the environmental phrase that has hit the world. It makes complete sense since to snowboard we rely on so much of the earth’s natural features to enjoy the times we have. They will contribute by designing a new line where the materials are earth friendly and be used with recyclable materials but they will still have that aspect of quality that their customers are used too. There is not a lot of information out there but I did find some of the materials they will be using.

  • Biodegradable TPU Laminate
  • Nanosphere Finish
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hemp
  • Non-Toxic Dyes
  • Recycled PET
  • just to name a few

I also found an article from the Environmental News Net Work that is an interesting read.

There are some events happening on the North Shore on Grouse Mountain. They have a bunch of events on their website that seem really fun and bring together boarders with the same interests. Check them out if you are interested.

Also as we all know the Telus Ski and Snow Board Festival is coming up. Everyone there always has a good time and is open to boarders who wish to show off their stuff. It is not until April but getting ready for a great event like this does take planning. Enjoy!

The link is accurate I just don’t know why it says 2007.Cheers.

There is a picture of one of the craziest extreme boarders I have seen to date. Travis Rice who continues to push snow boarding to new elements all the time. Plus it don’t help that he has a cute smile. Enjoy.



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