Three Part Series- Passion is a Global Affair

For the next week I will be writing about three extreme sports that I enjoy doing and that I think are becoming more and more popular among our population and have made a massive shift in control in where new media dollars are being spent. The topics will be Snow Boarding, Motor Cross and Surfing. I am writing about these topics because I hope one day to work for X-Games which is my dream! I am completely and utterly in love with the atmosphere and the passion of everyone there, so for me this is just my beginning. My intentions are to bring together all people where ever you may be to talk about the passion and love these sports bring to us. Even the thought of the adreline you get from thinking about it drives me crazy and I know I am not the only one that feels this strong about them. I will have some locally based information that I will try to gain and find for the people in and around Vancouver as well as looking forward to hearing from others around the globe. As well with each specific sport post I will include an event that is taking place in and around Vancouver where all people with this love can unite and become bigger and better!

The clean air and numerous feet of powder of snowboarding is up first.



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