Survival of the Fittest

I am the kind of person that intents to eat the right things for my body and enjoys doing exercise without thinking that it is a chore. But being one of the most sick people that I know it starts to get really annoying when I notice that all my time that is put into trying to prevent being sick just don’t cut it. What’s going on here? I stopped making excuses for myself a long time ago and started dealing with the situations that are given to me. I do agree I go out and eat a slice of pizza at 3am but should it really be kicking me down even more then an average person who does that every weekend!I think not! it got me thinking if the world was to come to an end tomorrow would I be one of the lucky few that did get chosen to stay alive? Will society see me as a weak link to the human existence or as a person that everyone can benefit from and has the skills that mankind would need to regain stability again. Surprisingly enough I am the least person in my blood line that does have problems and so that makes me seem like the “perfect” one or the one that got the good genes from both places. Sometimes I kind of feel like Buffy, or Celine from Under World in which they did not necessary ask for their path in life but just kind of had to go with fate. Hopefully when the world does come to an end I won’t be sick*cross fingers* because if I am I’ll most likely be outnumbered and unless I fight for my right to live the “Fittest” will overcome me.


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