Being known for the first ever “kick-flip” on a surf board NOW thats what you would call a perfect life!

Volcom started a campaign in November of 2007 that has surfers all over the globe pushing themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to be that first person that will go down in history as the man or woman that did the first ever”kick-flip” on a surfboard. The reward is a roaring 10k with the possibilities of going proffessional or just be able to hit the waves everyday without having to worry about a thing. Now with an opportunity like that who in the world would not want to excel and push themselves in this seemingly perfect win win situation. The day that this person is found will be a great one perhaps not as important as the beginning or ending of a war but in the sports world will defiantely be having a party and giving hats off to how far this sport has come!


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