Survival of the Fittest

January 23, 2008

I am the kind of person that intents to eat the right things for my body and enjoys doing exercise without thinking that it is a chore. But being one of the most sick people that I know it starts to get really annoying when I notice that all my time that is put into trying to prevent being sick just don’t cut it. What’s going on here? I stopped making excuses for myself a long time ago and started dealing with the situations that are given to me. I do agree I go out and eat a slice of pizza at 3am but should it really be kicking me down even more then an average person who does that every weekend!I think not! it got me thinking if the world was to come to an end tomorrow would I be one of the lucky few that did get chosen to stay alive? Will society see me as a weak link to the human existence or as a person that everyone can benefit from and has the skills that mankind would need to regain stability again. Surprisingly enough I am the least person in my blood line that does have problems and so that makes me seem like the “perfect” one or the one that got the good genes from both places. Sometimes I kind of feel like Buffy, or Celine from Under World in which they did not necessary ask for their path in life but just kind of had to go with fate. Hopefully when the world does come to an end I won’t be sick*cross fingers* because if I am I’ll most likely be outnumbered and unless I fight for my right to live the “Fittest” will overcome me.


Being known for the first ever “kick-flip” on a surf board NOW thats what you would call a perfect life!

January 16, 2008

Volcom started a campaign in November of 2007 that has surfers all over the globe pushing themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to be that first person that will go down in history as the man or woman that did the first ever”kick-flip” on a surfboard. The reward is a roaring 10k with the possibilities of going proffessional or just be able to hit the waves everyday without having to worry about a thing. Now with an opportunity like that who in the world would not want to excel and push themselves in this seemingly perfect win win situation. The day that this person is found will be a great one perhaps not as important as the beginning or ending of a war but in the sports world will defiantely be having a party and giving hats off to how far this sport has come!

controlling women

January 9, 2008

Last night I was quietly enjoying some stress free time to myself until my room mate was telling me about one of our mutual friends. This mutual friend is in her 40s and has never found someone that can “complete her”. She has meet this amazing guy that will do anything for her but still feels as if she needs to wear the pants in their relationship. You do not need to be controlling or manipulative to keep a man in your life. If the man actually likes and wants to pursue a relationship with you he will stick around! Having the feeling of being controlling are insecurities in the women’s part because they feel if they are not in control then they will be alone for the rest of their lives. Having talked to numerous numbers of both sexs they both agree that taking that aspect away from men makes them feel insecure and they cant provide for women(which is something they have been taught to do since the beginning of time). Times are changing where women don’t need men to provide a good life but we still need the other sex for the life long companionship of marriage. So lets stop determining who’s in control live life and have fun with that special someone!

This is a clip on Motor-Cross which is a sport that I love and hope one day to do alot more of! It’s great to see clips like this in which the person that is in the video is just as enthusiast and passionate about a sport as much as the people watching it! I love it and I am sure many others do as well.Enjoy.