Vancouver QuickSilver Show Down

February 20, 2008

Yeah an event full of people that are passionate about the same thing!

So since there is not that many events in and around Vancouver except for up in Whistler I decided that I am going to go up to Grouse Mountain and get the inside story on what really goes on on this “events”. Like so many events the spectators think every thing goes great and nothing is wrong. In most situations that is true but we all know bindings need adjustments ,some one forgot their lucky hat, or their 12 pack of energy drinks are long gone before they are up for their session. It may be a tad hard but I think I’ll be able to find out some things that we really don’t know about what goes on at these events. I have never been to a smaller event and have only lived in Vancouver for one year now so I am really excited as to what I will experience and how the atmosphere is different from larger events. There is going to be some guest speakers and since this is the industry I would like to be in I am looking forward to hearing from some experienced people and what they have to say. If I can find any inside tricks to preparing for sessions or any rituals that boarders use, or anything new about gear that is coming up, I will try to be the first person that can report those things to you. So wish me good luck! and stop by maybe we’ll bump into one another.

So on March 28 & 29 I will be going to enjoy the snow on Grouse Mountain, the great Atmosphere and people watch some air being taken by some very talented people. I encourage everyone to come out either to show off their stuff or do get have some great fun and mingle with boarders!



Northern Voice 2008

February 20, 2008

I have had the opportunity this year from one of my teachers Kris Krug to attend the Northern Voice Conference in part with my E-Commerce and On-line Security class. I have never really been all that tech-savy until going through this year at school and have fallen in love with the ever growing possibility of new technology. I must admit it really is addictive once you get into it but the ideas that are generated through out the cyber world is amazing. There is so much to learn from one another and meet people that have the same interests as you and its much more easier then before!

I have looked over their website and have made some predictions of my own in the holds of gaining more information and becoming more involved within this world I still know little about. After looking at the schedule the first thing I saw was the Sports Blogging and Pod Casting. Which I am very excited about because that is the Industry I want to have a career in. I have heard about the speaker Rebecca Bollwitt from many people and with not a lot of women on the panel, I am quite excited!I think another session with Dave Olson will be interesting F*** Stats,Make Art which seems like my sort of thing and will be a good discussion. Blogging and Social Media is a must with Matt Mullenweg that I have heard so much about so I am ready to see what it’s all about. And my final selection which is not to say the other sessions are not just as important is The Other Side of Two Dimensions with Kris Krug and and Alex WaterHouse-HayWard. It goes around another passion of mine, fashion that I think would be beneficial for me and have a better understanding of a main aspect which is photography. I might just stay all day to check every thing out but I am excited and can’t wait to experience what Northern Voice as to offer me and what I can learn to tell others.

Check out the website for further information and if there is something you may be interested in!

Lindsay-Marilyn What?

February 19, 2008

So today I was checking my email and what came up but an article on Lindsay Lohan and how she had just completed a photo shoot for New York Magazine in a blonde short wig and almost nothing covering here. This was the last photo shoot that another starlet decades ago did before she died. Bert Stern was the same photographer that took the same shots of Marilyn For Vogue six weeks before she was found dead. The Vogue magazine featuredMarilyn Monroe in next to nothing, posing nude with some scarves and jewelry as her accessories and sipping champagne. Lindsay was much less the same except she just had cloth to cover her. Stern said that she was very professional and mature and unlike the few years that she has been going down that there was no alcohol at the photo shoot and that she was very natural in the position.

I find it interesting that some one would even compare Lindsay Lohan to Marilyn Monroe first of all Marilyn was not a young adult who ran around with so much money they didn’t know how to deal with it, she was a woman who had respect from everyone in her industry. She was professional and was adored. I do agree with Lindsay on saying that “examples of Marilyn and the recent death of Health Ledger are both prime examples of what this industry can do to someone.” That is probably the smartest thing I’ve heard her say for a long time and congratulate her on that statement! That’s a positive thing to say to the young women of the world. Thank you. I found it interesting that the photographer tends to believe that the attention and celebritie aspect of the young new Hollywood is amazing and is governed by their behavior. OMG! really wow I just thought Lindsay.Paris,and Britney were just having fun!Isn’t that what girls wanna do ,they just wanna have fun! Jokes aside it is interesting to see how these young woman do act under the spotlight that is Holly Wood and the Paparazzi. The thing is that with other young woman like Hayden Pannetiere and Mandy Moore I wonder if it’s really that hard of a choice to make .Make a difference in the world or waste my life away I don’t know I guess its up to them.

(This is just a blog I don’t necessarily think the worst of these people its just a thought I respect all these people in different elements). Thank you. 🙂



February 19, 2008

I am really excited about the Oscars not only because of the contenders but because of what they will be wearing. I think Cate Blanchett and Denzil Washington are going to be stunning. With my picks on couples going to Will Smith/Jada Pinkett-Smith and as always Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Let’s all cross our fingers! Until the Oscars….

Best and Worst of the Grammys 2008

February 18, 2008

After looking through many articles I decided to pick my very own best and worst dressed list of 2008. I will start with the ones that I thought were bad because next year hopefully they will be on the other side for me.Ill start with Rihanna now she is a gorgeous girl and what ever she wears she does pull off exceptionally,but the Zac Posen blue dress she choose it did not flatter her at all. I felt it was very much going back to the 80’s and to big for the petite singer.


I absolutely love Skakira but when I saw the red dress that she was wearing. I was immediately dissapointed and wondered to myself who dressed her. I don’ t think it was flattering and all and did not make her true beauty stand out by any means. This is the biggest night for music artists!You have to think big and flattering to the artist.


The best new artist nominee had Britian’s Imogen Heap had I am sure toped the worst dressed of the 2008 Grammys. They had a large nature theme ensemble complete with flowers,lily pads, and a a potter planet on their head!I am sure to her it had creative and meaningful purpose but if only that concept could of been put on fabric and had a proffesional turn the vision into something good and wearable to the grammys.


It is interesting to see how people dress when they want to do everything for themselves which is good but when it comes to being fresh in the industry it would be your in your best interest to get the professionals who make a living at it do it! Below that is what Brooke Hogan actually was done. The dress is a beautiful concept but it is not flattering and the middle section which if you watch the show knows she is very fit does not make her seem like that at all. Needs to be more fitted less fabric.


Beyonce is a woman that you defiantely look up too she has the looks, the voice, and the sense of style. I don’t believe this dress was the most flattering for her and she looked like a christmas present that was crying to get out. The color was good but with her drak skin I think another color could have been for flattering for her.


Now the fun part for me! Who I thought looked exceptional and gorgeous and really came as one with their dresses.My favorite one would have to be Christina Aguilera’s dress I mean she is gorgeous already but I believe that dress really suited her and became one with her. I loved how light it was but had definition in the points that wanted to stand out. Check it out!


My seond pick is Mary J.Blige who wore a metallic slim fitting dress by Micheal Kors. I thought it really suited her and was flattering for her age. She already looks exceptional for her age but the dress suited her maturity in the industry and felt almost like she could be approached anytime and be warm and open to anyone.


I really liked how newer Corrine Rae looked so naturally in her choices for the grammys and although they were simple they were very flattering and brought out the beauty in her facial features a lot more.


The third one is Carrie UnderWood it is really hard these days to get away from that name but I must admit who ever dresses her has a good role going on. She does have blonde hair and I think that really likes her to be able to pull off certain colours and certain prints. I thought this dress was gorgeous and really flattered her, I am glad she wore this one to the Grammys and not the Silver one I saw before.


And last but certainly not least Natalie Cole. She looked stunning in her floral print dress and looked so happy and full of life. Now I hope I am that good looking when I am over 50! I give her alot of credit one for dress and how she looked so proud in it!


Thats it for this year. Thanks for checking in! leave me a comment if you want..

Wacko about Jacko

February 17, 2008

I found myself watching a U.K. Documentary yesterday about Micheal Jackson. Now I found it really interesting that some one decided to tape the fans around the world during the time that he was being accused of touching an underage child.

It was really interesting to see the all the people that supported Micheal and his family through those hard times. I knew that he had a lot of support but I didn’t know to the extent in which people from across the globe would travel to be there. They would get off work or spend all their money to fly over to see or  even get a view of MJ. Many fans are very creative with their admiration for Micheal. One super fan had made a jacket a few years before this accusation and made one for the trail as well which he tried relentlessly to give it to Micheal through out the whole movie. Another one put on an event in which they brought together a gallery of Micheal Impersonators where each one would do a different set to one of Micheal’s songs. They were really good and the people liked the show very much. It was interesting to see people get so star-stuck and giddy around the impersonators that weren’t Micheal but carried themselves’s so well that you did believe they were.

Another interesting point is that on rare occasions Micheal would come out of Neverland and play out side with his children when those rare chances did come up many fans were not there and would be very dissapointed the next day that they missed out. Another time through out the movie fans were invited too speak to Micheal over the phone in which they went back and forth over who loved each other more with the conclusion of Micheal saying he loved everyone more then more. I thought that was interesting and it allowed people to see a softer side  of him and not just a pop star that keeps to himself. It allowed me to understand why fans are so loyal and  why they want to be around him whenever they can.

The reason for the Title is because through out the whole thing  after different segments they would ask the question Wacko about Jacko which I thought would be a good title and not necessarily a negative thing about how these people feel about him. I have the upmost respect for the fans for Micheal and his family and for the victims family. I decided to write about this because I thought it was different and that alot more then fans come from Micheal and what he does.

Vancouver Extreme Sports: Surfing

February 13, 2008

This is the only water sport that I have included on my list and I choose this one quite simply because it not only takes your mind to be able to anticipate waves but also gets into your body into a system that allows you to know when the big push of water is ready to let you coast on it. So many people enjoy this sport and continue to bare the cold, the wet suits, and the thrill of getting on something so much bigger then any of us and then see it fall all at the same time. It’s a intoxicating feeling that puts that huge smile on your face and everything for that one wave is all right. The nice thing about Surfing is that it is dependent on water and since each and every country is pretty much surrounded by it all people can enjoy it. There are many companies within the last 10 years that have noticed how popular this sport is and have integrated them into their values. Many of them have events that they sponsor and are respected for because they involve communities and reach some of the best surfers before they hit their prime. Surfing brings out a certain vibe and lifestyle where no body is better then any one and everyone is just there to have a good time and enough the waves. The reddish yellow sunset the hot sand and the oceans of water at your feet, come on like that just don’t sound amazing!


Since the beginning of Surfing many people have helped to nurture and grow this sport. There were many influential men as well as women who continued to push for the growing sport and allow the world to not just see it as a “pass-time”. With Surfers around the globe young and old still having that passion and enjoys seeing others excel is what keeps the love for this sport alive! Below is a link to an article I found it’s about the top surfers in the world with little categories that are fun and if you are a beginner to the sport I recommend checking it out! It has some of the old favorites and some of the new innovators to get the world in love more with this sport.

I have always found it fascinating how the pictures of all these surfers were being shot. I mean some of them are so amazing and exceptional that I wonder…who does them? are these people professionals as well? What do we know about these people? well simply nothing until now. I found these amazing article on the people BEHIND the LENS of the great photography out there go check it out!

Most of the Surfing in British Colombia in done on Vancouver Island. The best place my many people would be the Tofino-Ucluelet Area. Late August to November are the best times to go but I had people I know go after that and with a wet suit and booties you would be fine in December depending on the temperature and how daring you are! Most of the activities are on the Island and have camps and classes for something just beginning or someone who’s ready to hit those waves hard.

I found another cool site in Tofino that is geared towards female surfing.Check it out if you want!

Not a lot right now is happening in the local surf world as it is winter in Vancouver and it is too cold. So lets cross our fingers so that summer comes real soon and dream of massive feet of waves, laid back company, and paddling out to see the sun!

Hope everyone has enjoyed my three parts series. I would love to hear any feed back from anyone around the world or even local as to what is going on in your region with this sports. I love them you love them why not just all love them together.

Until next time.